Welcome to Queer Norfolk

The idea for Queer Norfolk came about after a conversation between myself (Adam Baker) and Rachel Ridealgh (Norfolk Heritage Centre). We were discussing passing on an object donated to the Norfolk LGBTQ+ Collection at the Norfolk Heritage Centre to another local institution that could take better care of it. We were reluctant to separate it from the collection but recognised that the Heritage Centre were not best placed to care for it properly. Our disappointment turned to inspiration when we began to imagine a way to record Norfolk’s queer heritage across multiple sites, institutions and collections. 

This conversation happened back in March 2022. Fast forward to now. You’re looking at it. 

This is the beginning of a web-based, decentralised database of queer artefacts, ephemera, literature, textiles and more, available for all to access. Thanks to assistance from Norwich Pride and the support of the Norfolk Heritage Centre, the groundwork is complete and the project is now ready to start taking more significant strides. 

Institutions and, more excitingly, individuals, are now able to register their interest in the project. We are calling on historians, researchers and heritage professionals as well as notorious Norfolk homosexuals, bisexuals, trans men and women, non-binary folks and anyone with an interest in all things queer to contribute what they’ve found, what they have or what interests them.

We soon hope to offer the facility for people to submit their own records and images of objects identified as ‘queer’ in Norfolk’s museums, galleries and archives. 

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more!

This will also open the opportunity for individuals to submit their own artefacts and stories from their own collections, to live on in digital space.

We look forward to sharing our progress with you soon. If you want to know more or are interested in getting involved, please drop us an email or slide us a DM on Instagram.