Queer Norfolk is not a physical archive or museum. We are a digital space that draws together objects from different collections, both public and private, across the county. This is one of the project’s greatest strengths, as we can connect the dots in Norfolk’s queer lives and bring stories to the surface in ways simply not possible before.

All of the objects you see in our collection were donated somewhere by someone and without their contributions, anonymous or otherwise, our queer heritage will not be recorded. If you wish to share your history and make a donation to Norfolk’s queer history we can help you choose an appropriate, local, publicly accessible archive where your object (or objects) will be cared for with the utmost respect and diligence. We work with a broad range of local partners who can protect, preserve and maintain your treasures, leaving them in trust to our queer descendants forever. These partners include:

We can help you choose which of these places are most suitable to store your objects. We will digitise your objects to share online, and they will be safely stored by a local archive or museum. To donate please get in touch via email: queernorfolk@gmail.com

We encourage donating physically to a local institution, but if donating in this way is simply not possible for you, you can make a ‘digital donation’ to Queer Norfolk. You retain physical ownership of your object(s) but can show them via the Queer Norfolk website.

If you want to contribute in another way, such as sharing your story verbally or in written form, we can support you to do this.